Are you the right person for "RENT BY OWNER"?


*Price - save money!

*A lot more space than a hotel room. 

*Full service kitchen

*Direct relationship with Owner


Best for people who enjoy working directly with the owner, saving money, and have reasonable expectations .  Best for those who do not "sweat the small stuff".  Best for families.  Best for those who want to vacation more often and are on a budget.  Best for those who need more space.  Best for those who like to eat in.



*Owners usually off site and sometimes out of state

*Owners usually do vacation rentals on the side and work another full time job

    -this means they are not always readily available

*No Daily maid service, on site maintenance or front desk check in

*Linens may or may not be provided and may be at a cost

*Amenities are specific to the property and sometimess limited


High-end condo complexes or Hotel Chains are best for people with very high expectations and standards and are not concerned about saving money.  Also best for those expecting all the amentities of a major hotel chain. Best for those who don't want to deal directly with the owner.


As a private condo owner, we do everything we can to make our guest's experience as enjoyable as possible.  Just like at home, there are things that happen that can affect your stay.  Wether it be heating/AC issues, light bulbs burning out, toilets clogging, and so on.   Before your arrival and after our cleaners are complete, we have an independent Inspector go through each unit.  They have a 70 plus point inspection including everything from checking light bulbs, cleanliness of the condo, batteries in the remotes and so much more.  They even post pictures of every room to the "cloud" so we can check the condition of the unit at anytime.  Even with this process, things sometimes are not perfect.  We will always rely on our cleaners, inspectors and guest to make us aware of these issues that may arrise so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. 


Security Deposit - It is only necessary to make us aware of major items like broken furniture, damaged walls, missing TV's etc.  It is not necessary to report small things like smudges on wall, rips in door screens, peeling wall paper, marks on carpet, etc.  These things are considered normal wear and tear and are not considered the responsibility of our guests.


Of our various condos, we have a few that are considered higher end, some in the middle and some that are considered a more economical choice.  Our buildings range from 10-40 yrs old and all of our condos have been recently renovated.  We encourage you to look closely at the pictures as you can expect the condo to look almost identical to the pictures!